Always Keep Fighting!

“Don’t underestimate your own strength. To persevere. To make it through the most difficult of times. And, JUST as importantly, don’t underestimate your ability to help someone ELSE during THEIR most difficult times. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word, or gesture, to help someone make it through their day.” – Jared Padalecki

Today i have chosen to write about a cause that is very close to me. It is the #alwayskeepfighting campaign for depression, created by supernatural star Jared Padalecki. Having depression is not easy, it is a daily battle and a constant struggle. Having the condition myself, i know how it feels to wake up everyday feeling like your nothing and you have nothing to give to the world. You feel useless, defenceless and most of all, scared of your own mind.

The fact that jared suffers with depression too, and has the courage to admit and create this most worthy cause is awe inspiring to me and in all honesty has given me the strength to get up and face the world everyday.

If anyone out there has felt the stab of depression, i implore you to not give up, you are not alone in this and you are stronger than you believe you are. If anyone has any questions or just want to chat about the subject in my entry today then feel free to comment and reember – No matter who you are…..Always keep fighting 🙂3fojg1-l-610x610-sweater-fighting-jaredpadalecki-supernatural-black

First Review :)



Well here it is……my first review, i decided to go for bad  vibrations, the new alum by a day to remember as i have been listening to it non stop all day, so here goes, please comment on what you think 🙂

One of the world’s heaviest pop-punk bands is back with their brand new single “Bad Vibrations” off of their upcoming sixth studio album of the same name, Bad Vibrations.

A Day to Remember has been known to be either heavy, poppy, soft, or a mixture of the three. This track is a standout compared to songs they have released during their past two album cycles (2010-2016). “Bad Vibrations” is heavy; heavier than a majority of the songs they’ve ever made in their whole discography.
“Bad Vibrations” is a song written about sadness, despair, and depression. The emotion flows throughout each second of the track. Jeremy McKinnon’s harsh screams and vocals, Neil Westfall and Kevin Skaff’s repective guitar and rhythm guitar, Joshua Woodard’s fierce bassline, and Alex Shelnutt’s aggressive drum beats all work together in perfect harmony to form angry tone of the song and they pulled it off excellently.
While the song isn’t too different from the formula A Day to Remember usually uses in their songs (a mixture of choruses and deep screams/rough instrumentals), it is a lot more aggressive as previously stated. A Day to Remember had not used a lot of “breakdowns” in 2013’s Common Courtesy album, but based off of this track and the previously released single “Paranoia,” it appears that the classic ADTR sound is coming back into full-swing with this next album.
“Bad Vibrations” paves way for how their next album should sound. It seems as if the band is drifting towards the heavier side of their musical spectrum.



Well Hai ^-^

welcome to my blog! This is the first time ive done anything like this so any tips would be much appreciated. Let me tell you about what my blog will be about. It will be about all the things i love, i’ll be writing reviews on movies, books, tv shows, music and just generally writing about anything awesome!

Anyways this is me below, im your average nerdy girl who loves anything fantasy, sci-fi and comic book related. Im also an incurable romantic, i love literature, especially enlish writers such as the bronte’s and thomas hardy.

Feel free to comment or message asking me anything, whether it be reviews or general questions.